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  1. Tasha Sharp says:

    Hi Piper. I just finished Not His To Touch. Wow it was amazing!! Such a beautiful story. I absolutely Loved Bishop and Pen. Look forward to reading more from you! So thank you for an amazing read!! ❤

  2. just finished reading Come when called, and Loved it. I couldn’t put the book down. The depth of your characters were amazing. My favorite line from the book is when Charliey says “Don’t try to label things, Don’t try to make your life fit in a box your picked off someone else’s shelf. This is why so many people are unhappy.” Love, love, love. Can’t wait for future books!

    • Hi Kathy, Thanks so much for your comment!! I loved it! It’s so great to hear things like that from readers. 🙂 That line of Charley’s…I feel like he came up with it, and I just wrote it down. Charley is such an honest, strong character, with such a true heart…he just came through loud and clear for me. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book so much! Be sure to join my mailing list (on my homepage, on the right) and you won’t miss it when I release a new book. I only send a few newsletters a year, so no worries about spam. <3

      • Rachel says:

        Just stayed up all night reading Come when called its currently 5:28am and I bought it just before midnight!! Boy am I glad, I was getting quite infuriated with menage books that had no substance, just sex. The sex is great but if there’s no connection, no story it’s porn and that’s just bleh!!

        I loved this book OMG! Ford I loved and loathed but he was so broken, and so unable to accept what was truth!!! Honestly but I could feel his feeling for her and charlie so I forgave his douchery! Charley where can I find a guy who’s 70% Ford 30% Charley lol. I would take 100% Charley but Lie Evie I’m a sucker for a guy who knows what he wants and is arrogant to match. Evie brave, weak, besotted, strong loving EVIE! The point of this is PLEASE GIVE US AN EPILOGUE!! PLEASE PLEASE. Maybe baby??????

        • Hi Rachel! Oh my god! I hope you got a nap today! I’m so glad you enjoyed Come When Called so much. I love emails like this–as an author they’re so fulfilling to receive! It means so much to me to hear that the story I wrote connects with readers. I actually do have an epilogue that came to me one day and I wrote it all down in one sitting. It’s not too long, but it just came so naturally, as if Ford, Charley and Evie were sending me a quick update on their lives. How about I send it to you and you can tell me what you think of it? Whether it’s satisfying to you as a reader? 🙂 What do you think?

  3. Hi Piper
    I saw that you said you were a self publishing author- how do did you do that? i thought you had to be published and have a agent and all that> enjoyed your Come when called book. Awesome. Can’t wait to read some more

    • Hi Nadine! Thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad you enjoyed Come When Called. 🙂 Yes, I self-publish, or “indie publish” as it’s also known. I’m not even in the market for an agent or a publisher. I truly enjoy having control of EVERYTHING when it comes to my writing and books. I used to be with a publisher, but I’ve been able to get my rights back now. The publishing world has changed substantially in the last six to ten years and you no longer need to go through the traditional publishing arena to reach readers! I publish only on Amazon right now. For more info, I’d probably start here:

      For me, it comes down to the freedom to write whenever and whatever I want, the control to have a say in all aspects of the publishing process and to be able to change things on the fly if I want, and money. In self-publishing, I don’t have to split my earnings with a publisher and agent! I LOVE self-publishing!

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