Cover Reveal! Bossing the Boss

I have a short story I got back from my old publisher that I'll be putting back out on my own. I've freshened it up and created a great new cover! It's m/f, light BDSM.  … [Continue reading]

New Cover for Come When Called, the Complete Standalone Book

2d cover Come WHen Called

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Come When Called original full series book cover


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Come When Called now available in complete series bundle for new low price!


Here's the link! What do the Amazon and Goodreads reviewers say about Come When Called? THEY LOVE IT! "HOLY … [Continue reading]

How about an update?

Hey folks! I've been neglecting my blog. Let's see. I quit my job to write full-time! WOOHOO! Sort of. I have young kids and a house that needs a lot … [Continue reading]

One of the Easiest Ways to Research a Potential Literary Agent

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: One of the easiest ways you can check out a potential new agent is to do an internet search for his/her address. Is … [Continue reading]

When Is It Okay To Be a Bully?

When it comes to "50 Shades of Grey" and EL James, apparently, anytime. There seems to be a real phenomena of hatred for this book and the author's … [Continue reading]

A Hot Little Treat to Tide You Over


My favorite Dom, Cj Lemire (@cjlemire) has threatened to get out his whip if I don't start blogging a little more regularly, and since I do everything … [Continue reading]

Burly Construction Hunks Bury Their Cables in My…Yard

Construction team

So I was sleeping in this morning since I stayed up most of the night writing and I woke up to a loud banging on my door. I grabbed my robe and opened … [Continue reading]

Incredibly Unromantic Things This Erotic Romance Author Says to Her Husband

man's wedding band

I hope to keep updating this post. And as ridiculous as it is, it's my version of a love note to my husband, who not only is the perfect partner in … [Continue reading]