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Have I mentioned that Come When Called, my MMF menage, is available FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers?

Come When Called is a standalone novel about a biker, a billionaire, domination and submission (light BDSM), and Evie, a strong heroine hiding from her dangerous ex-boyfriend. The book is approximately 400 sizzling pages long and has a happy ending. Blurb below.

For non-subscribers the ebook is $3.99 (beautiful trade paperback version is $16.95). The book is only sold on Amazon.

Evie has made a deal with the devil. 

She has a safe-word. She has a way out. But her submission to him is her only way in…
Billionaire Ford Hawthorne is cool sexuality and dominance, his best friend, biker Charley Baker, is warm muscles and affection, and Evie is the lucky girl in the middle.

Ford is a bad boy with dimples that make women want to take their clothes off, but he has a secret desire he’s never allowed himself to act on—his fantasies of domination and control.

Unlimited, unquestioning sexual pleasure at his beck and call.

Big, scruffy, and handsome as sin, biker Charley Baker is two hundred pounds of sunshine, muscle and sex appeal. Charley has a secret of his own…he’s in love with his best friend, Ford. But Charley knows what Ford really wants, and it’s not him.

Evie is a paralegal working for Ford’s attorney, and unbeknownst to Ford, she’s caught in a situation that could have a deadly outcome. A late-night, impulsive romp at the law firm with Ford has far-reaching consequences, setting into motion a chain of events that will lead Ford, Charley and Evie through the twists and turns of a sexual journey that none of them saw coming. A journey that knows no bounds—in ecstasy, in heartbreak and in danger.

This novel is a complete, standalone, contemporary romance with a happy ending, no cliffhangers, and lots of hot, satisfying sex between two hot heroes and a heroine strong enough to handle them both.


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In the mood for a Piper Trace quick fix?? Free bedtime story!

“What are you going to do to me?”
“Anything I want,” Rob growled. “You’re always so demanding, Lauren, always in charge.” He traced his fingers down her back, leaving a trail of chills. “You drive me so hard at work. You have no idea all the things I’ve imagined doing to you. I’ve wanted for so long to make you submit to me. To demand things of you, but in my bed. You need this lesson. It’ll be good for you.”

Lauren is wound as tight as a spring—stingy with her praise, her emotions and her heart. The youngest VP of sales in the firm’s history, she’s far too busy to attend the office party, which means when her sleeve is caught in the shredder, she’s trapped, vulnerable, in the deserted offices.

Her best salesman, super hot and charismatic Rob, has a secret. His boss Lauren is always pushing him harder and harder, but in his fantasies, he’s got her under his control, completely.

Tied up, dominated, and satisfying his every sexual desire.

On the night of the big office party, when Rob rounds the corner of the file room in the deserted offices and finds his stuck-up and domineering boss bound and helpless in a provocative position, he can’t help his body’s natural and intense reaction.

Maybe it’s time for Rob to show Lauren exactly who’s boss.

**Bossing the Boss is a 25 page sizzling short story. It’s a stand-alone erotic romance story with no cliff-hanger.**

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Cover Reveal! Bossing the Boss

I have a short story I got back from my old publisher that I’ll be putting back out on my own. I’ve freshened it up and created a great new cover! It’s m/f, light BDSM. bossing the boss cover

New Cover for Come When Called, the Complete Standalone Book

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Come When Called original full series book cover


Come When Called now available in complete series bundle for new low price!

Here’s the link!

What do the Amazon and Goodreads reviewers say about Come When Called? THEY LOVE IT!
“I am wiped. Completely wiped.”
“Your Kindle will pretty much combust.”
“Five stars! If I could give it more stars, I WOULD!”
“Ford is suave and poised champagne, Charley is pure fire and whiskey.”
“My fave new author of 2015 so far!”
“I’m obsessed! I need more!”
“I couldn’t put it down!”

Now 400+ pages of two mouthwatering heroes, sizzling sex and page-turning plot are available with a satisfying happily-ever-after for only $3.99!

Here’s the link!

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How about an update?

Hey folks! I’ve been neglecting my blog. Let’s see. I quit my job to write full-time! WOOHOO! Sort of. I have young kids and a house that needs a lot of fixing up. But I can now write two hours a day! Hey, it’s something. I’ll have more time to write when all of my kids are in school. Oh, the life. I can’t wait!

I started another blog with my good friend and fellow romance author, Sydney Bristol. It’s a DIY blog for all of our extraneous habits that take place when we should be writing: Drop Dead Thrifty

In two days I get back the rights to Fueling Her Fire, a novella originally published by Ellora’s Cave. I won’t be putting this right back out for sale because I’m going to significantly rewrite it. Look for it again in the future!

I also secured the rights back to Come When Called, a novel I’ve spent the last five years writing. It’s so long and there are still some changes I’d like to make to it, so I’m releasing it as a seven part serial! I’m really excited about this! Just waiting on the cover…the first episode will be available soon!

More to come–I’m back!!

<3 Piper

One of the Easiest Ways to Research a Potential Literary Agent


One of the easiest ways you can check out a potential new agent is to do an internet search for his/her address. Is it a real, private office address, or is it a “rental” mailing address with conference rooms available for his/her use, should someone actually want to meet at the agent’s “office”?

These mailing address companies even provide pictures of the fancy Manhattan skyscraper that the address-renting agent can post on his/her website, plus photos of big, impressive, and multiple conference rooms.

I’m not saying that just because an agent rents a mailing address of a building he or she may never even step foot into that said agent is not a good literary agent (there’s the whole “need to compete with the big dogs” argument and all) but in my opinion, because an agent has a fiduciary duty toward his/her client (and that’s a Big Deal, inherently involving a lot of TRUST), that perhaps entering into the relationship without full disclosure of where the agent is actually located 90% of the time is perhaps a bit…squicky.

Maybe it’s just me? But to me, it feels a lot like saying, “I studied at Oxford” during a job interview, when in reality you went to a community college and just used the Oxford library to study in at night… Is it s lie? No. Is it intentionally misleading? To me, it is.

Judge this practice any way you’d like, but my point is this: just be informed enough to understand what you’re getting into and make your decisions accordingly so there are no surprises. Your Manhattan agent’s office may, in reality, physically be located in Hoboken. (No offense intended to Hoboken agents.)

And this doesn’t mean I only value Manhattan agents. Personally I prefer to see companies save COSTS rather than play the “look how fancy and successful we are, did you not SEE our $10,000 leather sofa??” game. A successful literary agency in, say, Denver, just SCREAMS big balls and confidence to me.

But again, that’s just me.

When Is It Okay To Be a Bully?

When it comes to “50 Shades of Grey” and EL James, apparently, anytime.

There seems to be a real phenomena of hatred for this book and the author’s skills. Honestly, I’m troubled by the amount of impassioned vitriol I’ve encountered for this woman and her work, but seeing this finally made me want to speak out:


Nothing against the tweeter–he seemed to be merely saying, “Wow, someone really went to a lot of trouble to dissuade folks from reading this book.” But EL James is a fellow author, and a human being, and this kind of note placed in front of her books is just plain bullying. If this was my book, I can’t imagine how hurtful this would be to see.

As an erotic romance author I feel like I have to keep it a secret that I loved 50 SOG, lest I be judged as having no skill or taste myself due to this outspoken criticism. (*Obviously*…I mean if I loved *that* book, then what does it say about me as a novelist? Right??)

I’m particularly troubled that a large portion of this criticism comes from people who’ve never read the book. To me that feels like rating a recipe as “It Sucked!!” based on only reading the list of ingredients and making a judgement. Totally not helpful.

Was it the best-written book I’ve ever read? No, but then 99.9% of them aren’t. Did that really matter to me in the end? No. I read books for the characters and the story, and when it came to this book, I truly, truly enjoyed it. At its heart 50 SOG is successful because it’s a tragic love story–star-crossed lovers who want to be together but can’t, for seemingly unfixable and hopeless reasons. It just so happens that Christian and Ana’s reasons are not their parents, or war, or social standing, or that he’s a vampire and she’s a human, or whatever other trope you could fill in here. In their case he’s a fucked up guy hooked on dominance and BDSM gear, and she’s…young, naïve, vanilla and really out of her element. They can’t accept each other, but neither of them can change their true nature either. Yet they are miserable without one another. That’s a good story.

I wish we could do better as a community of supporting her as a fellow author. I know it’s likely a very small, vocal minority that’s causing what seems to be a broad-sweeping message, but maybe if some of us simply said, “Hey, I liked the book(s),” maybe that would at least help even things out.

So here’s me admitting it. And I can’t wait for the movie!!!

Did you like 50 Shades of Grey? Admit it in the comments!

A Hot Little Treat to Tide You Over

My favorite Dom, Cj Lemire (@cjlemire) has threatened to get out his whip if I don’t start blogging a little more regularly, and since I do everything a dominant guy with a whip tells me to do, here I am.

I was pretty overwhelmed for a while… The normal stuff was there–working at my Big Corporate Job, raising two kids and writing–but then we threw in a 6,500 square foot monkey wrench in the form of what I like to call, “Broke-down Palace”. We bought a big, run-down home out of foreclosure, and it needed (NEEDS) a LOT of work! But any of you who follow me on Twitter (@pipertrace) know how much I love to DIY and build things, right?? Well, this house nearly broke me.

It’s one thing to have a few projects you’d like to get on…it’s another thing to have two-hundred projects you HAVE GOT TO DO SOON and you’re a little uncomfortable having your children live and sleep in this nasty home. So I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. But slowly we’re working our way through the unending list of chores and projects, and I find myself FINALLY being able to Tweet a bit more and, hey, even blog! So here I am.

Another thing that has suffered greatly from our home project is my current book that’s wildly overdue, Come When Called. It doesn’t help that this book is over 130K words long… Here’s the official blurb and a little eye candy:

Piper Trace Come When Called cover art


Evie has the same problem with men that she has with cheesecake – she’s always trying to cut back, but they’re just so damned delicious. But this time she’s in real trouble. Fired from her law firm, Evie must hide from her psychotic, lawyer ex-boyfriend until she can come up with the money she owes him.

Rich and dead-sexy Ford Lachance caused Evie to get fired by seducing her into being sexually dominated for the first time…in the law firm library. But he offers her the perfect solution: be his highly paid, live-in assistant for a year at his guarded estate, and in return he will use his considerable influence to get her whatever job she wants after the year is up.

But Evie’s out of her league in trying to keep up with Ford’s escalating game of domination and pleasure.

Charley is Ford’s best friend and his opposite – warm and affectionate to Ford’s cool, aggressive sexiness. Pleasing both of these virile men at once brings Evie mind-blowing satisfaction. But she makes the mistake of falling in love with them and Ford is incapable returning her feelings…and Charley’s.

As Evie and Charley both struggle with Ford’s denial of their love, Evie still lives in fear of her ex with good reason…and Evie, Ford and Charley find they must face their feelings and decide whether this threesome can work while fighting for their lives, and their love.


I’m editing this book right now and thought I’d give you folks a taste of it! So here it is…a brief excerpt from my full-length MMF menage erotic romance novel (with BDSM / master-slave elements). 🙂


“You kissed me,” Ford said simply.

“What? You mean earlier? Before…” She wasn’t sure what to call it. Before we made love? Had sex?

“Before we fucked,” he finished for her, without a hesitation given to his choice of vocabulary. “Yes, before that. You kissed me.”

“Uh, technically, I think you kissed me. I just kissed back.”

“Okay, so you kissed back.” He paused and Evie wasn’t sure there was more to the statement, but finally he asked, “Did you like kissing back?”

She pulled away to study him. Was this a trick question? She had nothing to lose by answering honestly.

“Yes, I liked kissing you very much.” Deciding to take a chance, she added, “I’d like it better if I could call you Ford.”

He looked bemused. “Why?”

“Because when I have to call you Mr. Lachance, and I kiss you, I feel like I’m kissing my boss.”

“You are kissing your boss.”

“I know, but I’m also kissing dead-sexy and charming Ford, and that’s who I really want to kiss.”

He pursed his lips, and she could see he was trying to hide his pleasure at her admission. “Ford,” he tested. “I’m not sure if it will work for me. Let me hear it.”

“Ford.” She smiled. It made her almost feel like they were friends.

“Hmm, I still can’t decide. Use it in a sentence please.”

“Okay,” she said. “Ford fucked me hard while he held me down across his desk.”

“Oh.” His eyes lit in a way that reminded her of that excited boy again. Pure and unadulterated elation. “That was a good sentence,” he breathed.

“I quite enjoyed it myself—the sentence, that is.”

“The sentence—of course,” he agreed, his face solemn. “Who would enjoy being held down and fucked?” He shrugged his shoulders.

She held up a finger. “By Ford—don’t forget that part!”

“Yes, exactly. Who would enjoy such a thing?”

She knew they were both teasing, but she felt compelled to make him understand. She wanted to find that sixteen-year-old boy in him and tell him he’s not alone and he’s not a freak. Tell him that normal, healthy, successful people have the same urges for sexual dominance as he does. And conversely, the urge to be dominated completely, like her. No matter what his father beat into him.

Taking his hand, she stroked along his long fingers while she kept her eyes down. “I would,” she said simply, her tone sincere.

He didn’t answer right away, but reached out with his other hand and raised her chin. She saw confusion in his eyes—confusion and what looked like the stirrings of hope. Funny, because that’s how she always felt around him.

“What?” he whispered.

The vulnerable look in his eyes gave her the courage to say it confidently, with no waver of embarrassment in her voice. “I enjoyed it—really, honestly loved it—Ford, when you held me down and fucked me.”

“The fucking part or the holding you down part?”

“Both. Together.”

He frowned for a heartbeat in what looked like disbelief, and then pulled her close without another hesitation and kissed her, long and deep. His lips soft, his tongue gentle, probing, almost shy. And he kept his eyes closed tightly, cupping her head in his big hands. When he finally stopped, he rested his forehead against hers, keeping his eyes screwed shut.

Finally he blinked twice, his eyes growing distant again, and thanked her for her time while helping her to her feet. His polite mask had slammed firmly back into place and the moment was gone.

She touched her lips as she left the room, knowing the last kiss had been different, and that knowledge sent butterflies of both joy and unease swirling through her belly.

Did you enjoy it? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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