How can you dress sexy around the house when it’s so damn cold?

I know, ladies. I feel your pain. You want to walk around the house dressed like a the sex goddess you are, but it’s so gosh-darn cold! So what’s a dirty whore to do?

Enter the deep-cowl neck sweater…

Here’s mine:

Ladies, you may want to ask Santa for one of these. The trick is to wear it with absolutely nothing under it.

Your cleavage will look fabulous, a nipple might peek out now and then (make sure the kids are in bed!), but YOU will stay warm and cozy! Pair it with leggings or even jeans, and your man won’t be able to take his eyes off you. Pair it with only heels and a thong and your man won’t be able to keeps his hands off you!

My version is cashmere so it’s incredibly warm and soft, but any fiber will do the trick. Think how much better this is than some filmy piece of lingerie in the winter!

It’s a great way to highlight some of your best parts while camouflaging a little tummy too. Plus you can wear it to work with a cami under it!

This trick also works with cardigans, so raid your closet ladies and go GET SOME!

…even in the dead of winter.