How about an update?

Hey folks! I’ve been neglecting my blog. Let’s see. I quit my job to write full-time! WOOHOO! Sort of. I have young kids and a house that needs a lot of fixing up. But I can now write two hours a day! Hey, it’s something. I’ll have more time to write when all of my kids are in school. Oh, the life. I can’t wait!

I started another blog with my good friend and fellow romance author, Sydney Bristol. It’s a DIY blog for all of our extraneous habits that take place when we should be writing: Drop Dead Thrifty

In two days I get back the rights to Fueling Her Fire, a novella originally published by Ellora’s Cave. I won’t be putting this right back out for sale because I’m going to significantly rewrite it. Look for it again in the future!

I also secured the rights back to Come When Called, a novel I’ve spent the last five years writing. It’s so long and there are still some changes I’d like to make to it, so I’m releasing it as a seven part serial! I’m really excited about this! Just waiting on the cover…the first episode will be available soon!

More to come–I’m back!!

<3 Piper

Boobs & Books! I’m Featured on the BiblioBabes Blog!

The BiblioBabes, Kat & Cara

(Say *that* 5 times fast!)

I still remember when I first came across their website…the more I read, the more my jaw dropped. We were (as they put it) separated at birth! I wanted to tweet to them immediately with something like, “Hey, you don’t know me, but we’re soul-mates and I’m your new best friend and we’re moving in together.” But knowing that was just a *wee* bit stalkerish, I cleared my throat and instead tweeted something like, “Lovely literature site, ladies. Carry on.” Well, that’s probably not accurate, but regardless, fast-forward to now and it’s a mutual love affair as I knew it would be. 😀

There is just nothing I love more than smart, unapologetic ladies who also happen to love literature. Throw in dark, sexy, funny and proud of their amazing breasts, and count me as a full-fledged fangirl.

Now if you’re not already hooked at this point in my description, let me introduce you to a little bit of heaven that the BiblioBabes like to call “Naked Reading Sunday”… Every Sunday they post a picture of one of them naked or semi-naked with only the book they’re reading covering their bare chest.

It’s one of the rare moments I hate books. 😉

And here, they blog about ME!! Imagine how thrilled I was! Our New Friend